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ANEMONE REEF (Near Shark Point / Hin Musang)

Diving boat trip from Phuket (20 Miles): Navigation of 2 hours and 10 minutes by a powered day dive boat.
Visibility: 5-20 meters. Depth: 3-20 meters.

Anemone Reef is a collection of rocky plateau. As you might guess, the top part of the reef is smothered in sea anemones; there are many residents such as clownfish, shrimps and Porcelain Crabs. Elsewhere on the reef you will find large clusters of soft corals and enormous gorgonian sea fans. At its deepest point a solitary rock is home to a group of juvenile moray eels.

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Day dive trip to Anemone Reef with MV Andaman Seafarer from Phuket Thailand