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Diving boat trip from Phuket (13 Miles): Navigation of 1 hour and 30 minutes by a powered day dive boat or 30 minutes by speedboat.
Visibility: 10-25 meters. 
Depth: 3-30 meters.

Koh Racha Yai Island is ideal for the whole family whether for snorkeling in shallow water or for scuba diving from beginner diver up to more experienced diver.
During the monsoon period from May to October, the sea on the East side of
Koh Racha Yai Island is well protected from strong wind and swells and is the perfect place for snorkelers, freedivers, beginners-divers or experienced divers to dive safely in crystal clear waters to enjoy discovering abundant coral reef life, to swim throughout man-made cement blocks, to ride motorcycle wrecks for some photos and exploring one of the six shipwrecks between 18 and 30 meters depending of the divers' experience such as:
- MV Harruby - A steel dive boat shipwreck of 22 meters sunk in May 2021 on a 18-meter sandy seabed near cement blocks and the fringing coral reefs.
- Old Thai wooden fishing boat - Keel, engine and part of the hull rest in 24-meter sandy seabed at the stern of MV Harruby.
- MY Meditation - A steel yacht shipwreck of 37 meters sunk in October 2023 on a 24-meter sandy seabed.
- MV Sinaran Andaman - A container cargo ship sunk in July 2015 at Koh Hei Island and the bow was moved to rest in 24-meter sandy seabed at Racha Yai Island by the Phuket Marine Office.
- Old sailing Yacht - A sailing yacht shipwreck on a 24-meter sandy seabed at the northern edge of Bay 1.
- MV Marla's Mystery - A steel dive boat shipwreck sunk on a 30-meter sandy seabed.

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Phuket dive boats MV Andaman Seafarer 1 and MV Andaman Seafarer 2

Liveaboard and day dive trip to Racha Yai & Noi Islands from Phuket in Thailand with MV Andaman Seafarer 01