» Technical specifications of our liveaboard dive boat MV Andaman Seafarer

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Our liveaboard dive vessel is perfectly suited for adventure outdoor or for scuba diving and snorkeling trips

For lovers of the sea and wild islands, liveaboard dive cruises of several days on board our vessel MV Andaman Seafarer will take you diving with air at the most beautiful dive sites in the marine national parks of the Andaman Sea such as Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Koh Lanta and Koh Tarutao archipelago in the Andaman Sea

Our regular dive liveaboard cruises of 3 to 6 diving days have departures on Sundays and Mondays from November to April either for dive liveaboard north trips to Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock or for dive liveaboard south trips to Phi-Phi Islands, Koh Ha Yai, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Tarutao Archipelago
Dives will be on the most beautiful coral reefs in the Andaman Sea with encounters with elusive whale sharks and manta rays at Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang

For those who can not join our regular diving liveaboard trips with the MV Andaman Seafarer, we are working with other diving liveaboard vessels with departures any day of the week and dive liveaboard trips of 2 to 6 diving days.


Diving liveaboard boat with departures from Phuket in Thailand either to Similan Islands, Surin, Richelieu Rock or to Koh Phi-Phi, Koh ha Yai, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Tarutao Archipelago

MV Andaman Seafarer - Diving liveaboard boat with departures from Phuket in Thailand either to Similan Islands, Surin, Richelieu Rock or to Koh Phi-Phi, Koh ha Yai, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Tarutao Archipelago


01 Sundeck 09 Store room
02 Wheel house & crew cabin 10 (a) 2 cabins with 4 single bunks
03 Galley 10 (b) 2 cabins with 2 single bunks
04 W.C. and head showers 11 Engine store & workbench
05 Dining area 12  Engine room: 2 x 320 hp
06 Dive deck 13  Water (6000 l) & diesel tanks
07 Diving entrances & exits 14 Generators room: 20 kw & 40 kw
08 2 Air & Nitrox compressors 15 Steering system


Year built: January 1994.
Last overhaul: November & December 2018.
Next overhaul: September & October 2019.
Overall length: 22.5 meters.
Beam: 5.70 Meters.
Draft: 2 Meters.
Guest's berth (Mattress: 200 x 90 x 20): 12 bunks in 2 double cabins and 2 quadruple cabins.
Fuel oil: 4,000 liters.
Water capacity: 6,000 liters.
Main engines: 2 V8 EF550 Hino x 320 Hp.
Voltage (2 generators of 20Kw & 40Kw): 12 Volts, 24 Volts, 220 Volts, 380 Volts.
Tender boat: 5.50m rigid hull inflatable tender boat - 40HP outboard engine - 1 fixed ladder.
Crew members: 5 persons.
Maximum number of passengers: 45 passengers.
Maximum number of divers - Day dive trips: 40 divers.
Maximum number of diver - Liveaboard dive cruise: 12 divers.
Maximum number of paddlers - Liveaboard canoe-kayak cruise: 12 paddlers.




- MV ANDAMAN SEAFARER is a comfortable live-aboard vessel in teak and steel and perfectly adapted for diving or touring. She may accommodate up to 12 passengers: 2 in two VIP A/C private cabins (two single berths) and 8 in two FIRST CLASS A/C cabins (four single berths). Each cabin has 2 or 4 single berths with standard mattresses (200x90).
- She was designed and supervised during the construction in Phuket by his owner who has more than 40 years of diving experience in Thailand as dive operator (since 1979) and SCUBA Instructor (since 1985).
- Charlie served as a dive guide on the Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso vessel during the shooting of the movie "The Sea convicts" in 1988 at Similan and Surin Islands as well for the shooting of a movie for the TAT at the Similan Islands with a 70mm U/W IMAX camera on November 2002.
- Crew of six consists of 1 cruise director/Instructor, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1 Thai Chief (his food is a feature of the trip), deck-hand boys, Divemasters and/or Instructors and several professional kayakers to supervise all kayaking and snorkeling activities. They have years of chartering experience in this area and are eager to give you the liveaboard dive holiday of a lifetime.
- The length and beam make it one of the largest and comfortable dive vessels in Phuket and Thailand.
- 2 V8 engines of 320 hp each give confidence during the cruises.
- The vessel is equipped with radar, GPS navigation system, Video depth sounder, CB radio, VHF radio, 2 generators and a 5.50m rigid hull inflatable tender boat with a 40 HP outboard and a ladder. 
- Electric power (220 volts) with standard international plugs.
- 2 large showers and toilets; so,we do not limit the showers during the cruise.
- All ceilings inside the vessel are of 2.20 m.
- 2 "VIP Cabin" with 2 bunks and 2 “FIRST CLASS” cabins with 4 bunks with standard mattresses (200x90).
- Each cabin has its own air-conditioning with a remote control.
- All bunks have comfortable mattresses (200 x 90 x 10).
- The kitchen is equipped as a restaurant. We never serve the same meals more than once during the cruise.
- All guests take their meals on large tables on the roof and the food is served buffet style.
- The decks are wide and spacious to provide guests with a maximum diving convenience and tropical living.
- Solarium (5.5 x 15 m) has deckchairs and mattresses and it is the perfect place to have a drink at sunset and during the evening after dinner.
- Large dive area (5.70 x 12 m) with easy entries and exits with 2 ladders to be in/out of water within few minutes.
- Aluminum cylinders of 80 ft (10.95 liters), and on request 100 cf (13.69 liters), are available in the racks with baskets under the diver’s seats.
- Other equipments such as BCD, regulator, diving suit and dive computer may be hired from our dive centre before boat departures.
- The diving equipment includes 2 compressors for filling diving tanks with air as well adequate diving tanks and weights.
- The 2 Bauer compressors can fill the tanks with air while the guests are taking a nap in their cabins or in the deckchairs on the solarium.
- Our 5.50m rigid hull inflatable tender boat with a ladder and a 40 HP outboard allows diving in the most remote places giving our customers an easy mean of accessing the dive site and of course of getting picked up after the dive in the most secure conditions.
- MV Andaman Seafarer has onboard 8 double sit-on-top self-draining sea kayaks to paddle mangroves and coastal islands in the Andaman Sea under the supervision of professional kayakers.

Booking for any tour (Compulsory by the Thai Government).
To book any tour, day dive trip or dive training course with Seafarer Divers, we need to get from each participant: name and surname, photocopy of passport, nationality, full address in Phuket (Hotel with room number, private home, condo, etc.), photocopies of the dive certification and log-book (Certified diver only).



Seafarer Divers and MV Andaman Seafarer are insured in Thailand with "Bangkok Insurance (Thailand) Company"  as a professional dive center as well as an inbound dive tour-operator with a travel insurance policy covering up to a 1,000,000 Baht (+/-25.000 €uro) per accident.
- We suggest to all divers to sign up for extra dive travel insurance such as DAN http://www.danseap.com in order to cover travel risks and dive accident. Note: Without dive travel insurance, any dive accident without a third party responsible to cover the charge will be under the full responsibility of the diver (In Thailand: recompression chamber fee may be up to 15,000 €uro).
- Divers must show their dive certifications and logbooks and sign a waiver of claims before boarding a day dive boat or a liveaboard vessel.
- Buddy system is mandatory on all day dive trips and liveaboards and the divers should have a dive computer and a surface buoy per buddy team at least.
- Diving conditions in the Andaman Sea around Phuket or during a liveaboard dive cruise are not like diving inside a lagoon.... Strong currents (moon) and wind (December to February) may change the quality and the safety of the dives; therefore all certified divers must be confident in the water or get additional training before booking dive trips or liveaboards. November until the middle of December as well March and April are two periods with less wind than the period from the middle of December until the end of February. 
- Divemaster/Instructor supervision is provided on our day dive trips and liveaboard with local dive guides but the service of a private Divemaster/Instructor guiding during each dive is only provided on request prior to the day dive trip or liveaboard and will be charged an extra fee per diver.
- Seafarer Divers Co Ltd provides tanks and weights belt only on day dive trips or liveaboard dive cruises.
- Divers must bring their personal dive equipment such as fins, mask, snorkel, BCD, regulator, dive computer, surface buoy, dive suit (2-3 mm) and torch for night dive. Dive equipment may be rented or bought from Seafarer Divers dive center at Chalong Bay Marina before boarding.
- Diver owning a regulator with Din system must bring a yoke adaptor to fit our K-valves. Din adaptor may be rented or bought at dive center of Seafarer Divers.
- Seafarer Divers does not rent dive torch or U/W camera.




General information:

- Many divers have seen a lot of advertising in dive magazines about diving in Burma and asked us the possibility of liveaboard dive cruises in Burma with MV Andaman Seafarer. Today we can confirm that Seafarer Divers will not plan any dive cruise with our vessel MV Andaman Seafarer to Mergui Archipelago or Burma Banks. Comments from divers who had been diving with other dive operators in Burma have confirmed that the visibility (not better than Surin, Phi-Phi or Phuket area), the coral reefs (anchoring and dynamiting), the fish (no more big fish: over fishing and dynamiting) are not as good as at the dive sites at Hin Daeng or Hin Muang, Similan or Surin Islands National Parks, without mentioning the entry/exit problems (Burma closes or opens its border without any warning).
- Chiefs of the Marine National Parks at Surin, Similan, Koh Lanta and Tarutao Islands are warning divers, paddlers, tour and dive tour operators that it is illegal to organize tours into the marine national parks during the monsoon season when the seas are rough and dangerous. The parks are closing from the 1st of May until 31st October every year http://www.dnp.go.th/parkreserve/close_np.asp?lg=2
- MV Andaman Seafarer is a friendly liveaboard dive vessel where each diver may be able to get his/her own privacy with a capacity per cruise of 8-14 divers and 6 crew members at most. Most of our guests enjoy coming back year after year and enjoy sending their friends for those key points to MV Andaman Seafarer.
- Most of the time divers like to bring aperitifs, spirits, whiskies, and wine for the late afternoons or evening parties.
- MV Andaman Seafarer has 3 "VIP" cabins and 2 "First Class" cabins. Each 2 "First Class" cabins for 4 persons can be booked as "VIP" cabins for 2 persons per cabin only. Therefore, 10-12 persons will share the whole vessel MV Andaman Seafarer.


Minimum diving level required for a liveaboard with MV Andaman Seafarer:

- For divers' comfort and safety, the drop-offs and pick-ups of buddy teams are made with our 4.7m Avon Rib dinghy equipped with a ladder and an outboard engine of 40 HP. Each dinghy rotation takes 4-5 divers at once. That way, fish are not scared and each diver will get more chance for better encounters.
- Divers must be comfortable in water and be certified at least CMAS 2* Diver or PADI Advanced, equivalence or higher levels with at least 30 logged dives.
- Divers will dive in buddy teams of 2-3 divers.
- Most of our divers booked on a liveaboard dive cruise with MV Andaman Seafarer are experienced ones and are certified CMAS 2* or 3* Diver, PADI Advanced, PADI Rescue, Divemaster, Instructor or equivalence from other diving associations with hundreds of logged dives and most of them are keen underwater photographers.
- Divemaster/Instructor supervision is provided during our liveaboard dive cruises aboard MV Andaman Seafarer but the service of a private Divemaster/Instructor guiding during each dive is only provided on request prior the liveaboard and will be charged an extra fee per diver.
- CMAS 1* Diver, PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent certified diver who can not dive as a buddy diver with their friends will have to book the service of a professional Divemaster/Instructor guiding them during all dives or plan a CMAS 2* Diver course and/or a PADI Advanced course with a CMAS/PADI Instructor during day dive trips and liveaboard dive cruises.
- PADI Nitrox course may be taught during day dive trips and liveaboard dive cruises.

SEAFARER DIVERS CO LTD - 1/10-11 Moo 5, Soi Ao Chalong Pier, Tambon Rawai, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83130 THAILAND
PADI DIVE CENTER #2281 & CMAS / ATUS 5 Star ITC Master Dive Academy Center # SW.005