» RANONG - Lam Nam Kraburi National Park




Lam Nam Kraburi National Park covers the area of approximately 160 sq.km, consisting of Kraburi River, parting Thailand and Myanmar, small islands scattering along Kraburi River and Mangrove Forest by the Kraburi River banks and the National Reserved Forest area consisting of Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest, Khao Sam Lam Forest, La-Un Forest Ratchakut Forest and Khlong Lam Liang-La-Un National Forest.



The average lowest temperature in the Lam Nam Kraburi National Park is 13.7 degree Celsius and the average highest temperature is 34 degree Celsius with average rainfall at 4,276 millimeters/year.
The best months and the most suitable period for tourism are between January and April.




Tropical Rain Forests can be found around Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest, Khao Takian Forest and La-Un Forest /Ratchakut Forest National Forests and the most distinctive vegetation found only in this area is Khun Mai with large, straight trunk and cashew nut like seeds.
Such vegetation is found around Punyaban Falls, La-Un Forest/Ratchakut Forest National Reserved Forest and Mangrove Forest.

Other distinctive vegetations are large leaves and small leaves Mangroves, Prong, Xylocarpus moluccensis, Xylocarpus granatum, Bruguiera Sex angula, Avicennia marina, Sonneratia and Beans.

Grass hills, on the other hand, cover the area of approximate 1.6 sq.km.
Such area was formerly the growing plots which were repeatedly destroyed by fire but have been revived into the existing grass hills today.


Mammals including Panthera tigris, Neofelis nebulosa, Asiatic black bears, mongoose, bats and civets can be found in this area while birds, for example, can be found easily around the National Park Office.
As for amphibians, those which can be found around the Kraburi River are toads and frogs.

Aquatic Life

Consists of saltwater eels, carps, mackerels, mudskippers, crabs, and Kraburi River prawns.

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